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Ex President Jonathan Raises Eyebrow Over None Recognition Of Teachers, Others For National Awards

Goodluck Jonaathan

Former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has expressed worry that teachers, medical people, local government chairmen and other relevant segments of Nigeria have not been recognized for national honours.

“…Our teachers, especially those who teach at the primary and secondary levels really need to be encouraged because they have the duty to mould the children.

“When they (children) pass through that level of education and they are not moulded, they become nuisance to society.

“I went to Akwa Ibom not too long ago for a programme similar to this where people are recognised and I was quite impressed. One secondary school teacher was honoured by the governor.

“I think we need to also look at that, especially the medical officers: doctors, nurses and paramedics. Some of them have to die to save us.

“We have this experience with the COVID. During the Ebola, I vividly remember this lady, Dr. Ameyo. Of course, Babatunde Fashola remembered her very well, who saved this country from the spread of Ebola and she paid the supreme prize. She died in that process. There is no post- homous award  here.

“But I am saying there are people in the medical profession that have done similar things and are still alive. They need also to be recognised.”

The former President, who spoke today, October 21, on behalf of the 44 other prominent Nigerians that were honoured with different categories of awards by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential villa, Abuja, noted also that none of the 774 local government council chairmen across the 36 States of the country was recognized for national the awards.

“Let me use this unique opportunity to make a little observation. We have 36 states. And out of 36 states, from the list, 16 governors were recognised this morning.

“And I ask myself, out of the 774 local government chairmen, not even one is here with us.

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“Mr. Senate President and Mr. Speaker, that shows that National Assembly has some work to do. Probably, we need to review and look at the structure and functions of the local governments. “If the local governments are functional and doing well, we expect one or two of them to be noticed by those who go around the country to assess people that should be recognized.

“I believe we need to do something about the local government structure in Nigeria. “Because if the local governments are working, some of the challenges we are having, even security challenges at that level of government that is very close to the people, they would have been able to nip it at that stage.

“Let me also use this unique opportunity to appeal to those who do the selection, there are some categories of people that we must also look at. It is very difficult to reach out to them and assess them.

“It is easier to assess governors because there are only 36. You can easily assess the ministers. They are not too many. Heads of parastatals are known.”

Former President Jonathan expressed appreciation to those who made awards of honour, which he said “look like the national honours that Mr. President himself has to give to people who merit them.”

“I have to commend those who have vision that when people are working for society, there should be appreciation in words or in any other form. They always say that those who more is given more is expected from them.

“You have selected 44 of us, honour us on a live television being watched all over the world. The only thing is that we promise that we will continue to do more for humanity.”

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