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FCT Minister Puts Prayer Request To Christians

FCT MInister, Muhammad Musa Bello

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Malam Muhammad Musa Bello has requested Christians in the Territory to use the occasion of the celebration of Easter to pray fervently for the end of coronavirus pandemic that has so far claimed thousands of lives across the world.

The Minister said that history has shown that when people turn to God in true supplication, in times of distress, the Almighty answers prayers.

According to the Minister, Easter, as one of the holiest celebrations for Christians provided a great opportunity to pray to God to heal the sick and prevent a further spread of the disease across the Territory.

Malam Muhammad Musa Bello encouraged residents to use the Easter celebrations to imbibe the spirit of unity which the FCT symbolizes.

“I urge you to use this season    to reflect on the significance of the FCT as the Center of Unity of our country. This is the season to show true neighborliness and reach out to the needy and the less privileged who have been impacted negatively by COVID 19.

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“The disease is such that it does not discriminate between the haves and the haves not and is no respecter of age or religious beliefs. We must therefore come together as communities to fight it together.´

The minister advised residents to follow all the health protocols of constant handwashing, use of alcohol based sanitizer, and observing social distancing.

“The best way to beat this disease is not to contract it. This is one time where prevention is most certainly better than cure. You must therefore be disciplined and maintain personal hygiene by observing to the letter, prevention protocols of constant hand washing, use of alcohol based sanitizers and observance of social distancing.”

The Minister also asked residents to observe the stay-at-home directives of the government saying that it was the one way to curtail the spread of the virus and allow for contact tracing by the health authorities.