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Group Reject Attah Igala’s Endorsement Of Gov Yahaya Bello For Second Term

An Igala group known as Ukomu Igala Organisation (UIO), has rejected the endorsement of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State for a second term by the Attah of Igala.

The group, which called itself the voice of the Igala people, stressed that it would not support a governor who has subjected the people of the state to poverty and suffering.

An elder of Igala, Engineer Samuel Safiu, who spoke during the inauguration of executives for the Kaduna chapter of the organization, said that even if 10,000 thugs are monetized, Igala people would not endorse Yahaya Bello.

He accused the governor of not paying workers’ salaries for 28 months, adding that there is no way they would support somebody that has no practical projects ‎to show the world.

“The Ukomu Igala therefore, rejects in its entirety, the present situation where the governor of Kogi state would hoodwink our traditional rulers to go and endorse him before the Nigerian president.

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“We are equally grateful for the president’s response. How do you expect Igala people to endorse a governor who styles himself as the white lion? Who goes about boasting that the average Igala man’s wife can be purchased for as little as N6,000 or a governor who brutally and senselessly boasts that no Igala man can contest the governorship with him; a governor who cannot fix the streets of Lokoja, the state capital”

According to the elder, the organisation is looking for someone who will move the state higher and whose antecedents are known to Kogites and who respects and understands the collective value of the people of the state.