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Saudi Arabia Donates Medical Equipment Worth $1 Million To Nigeria

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has donated medical equipment worth one dollars to the government of Nigeria.
The equipment, which comprised 23 ventilators which is the key component of the treatment of COVID-19, 25,000 surgical sterilized gowns and 125,000 non-sterilized surgical gowns, were handed over to Nigeria today by the Ambassador of the Kingdom to Nigeria, Faisal Ebraheem Alajrafi Alghamdi.
The Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Health, Abdulazeez Mashi Abdullahi, received the items, which also include 188,000 KN95 masks, 1,606,700 surgical masks and 9,500 nitrile gloves, on behalf of the Nigerian government.

Ambassador Faisal Alghamdi said that in addition to the donated medical equipment, his country is planning to organize 12 voluntary medical campaigns, eleven of which will be for combating blindness and its cause in Nigeria, “while the other campaign is planned for Kano and Bauchi States, targeting 50,000 beneficiaries, 4,000 cataract and glaucoma operations.”
He said that during the operation, 10,000 medical glasses and other necessary medicines will be distributed free.
Ambassador Faisal Alghamdi said that the programme also targets 70 catheterization and hearth surgeries, adding that subsequent phase will take care of specialized surgeries for possible dispensation in the South-South and Southeast parts of the country.
“In general, we are pleased with the strength of relationship between both countries, and the Embassy would like to also seize this opportunity to extend compliments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Health and to Nigerin officialsin general, for their cooperation and understanding.”

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