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How FCT Minister Is Sidelined By “Powerful Forces” Over Coronavirus Allowances, Others

Those who are regarded as powerful forces in the service of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) are said to have continued to sideline the minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello over special alliance he approved for the frontline medical personnel on coronavirus pandemic and other staff in various categories.
Investigations by our reporters showed that the minister had since approved the money, running into billions, but that the powerful forces are sitting on it because the minister insisted seeing evidences of hundreds of “ghost names” they earlier submitted as those entitled to the special allowance.
It was gathered that while the powerful forces are defiantly sitting on the money which is saved in individual deposit accounts, the frontline workers on Covid-19 are threatening to embark on strike over lack of payment of their alliances, which of course, the minister had long approved and the money duly released.
Some staff close to the powerful forces, who spoke to our reporters on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the minister meant well for the staff regarding their welfare but that those powerful ones are thwarting his efforts “in a way that the minister would not know what is actually happening around him.”
The anonymous staff said that the powerful forces have perfected their acts of sabotage in their desperate desire to amass workers’ entitlements that they corner even the promotional and other benefits of the workers, including course allowances and disturbance allowances.
“They are so wicked and dangerous that anyone who stands on their way would die (mysteriously) within a month. In fact, we know what is happening and we are sure the minister does not know because of the clever way they do it, but we dare not talk or expose them.”
Our reporters made several efforts to speak to the Director of Human Resources in the FCTA to  react to the story but he rebuffed all such moves, giving one excuse or the other. On an occasion, he invited one of our reporters to his office, but ended up not attending to him after the reporters had spent six hours, from 9.00am to 3.00pm waiting for him in the visitors’ room.

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