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How To Know Good Muslims, By Abuja Imam

The Imam of Chibiri Central Mosque in Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Ustaz Mohammed has listed the characteristics of good Muslims.
In a sermon he delivered at Eid ground to mark the end of 30-day Ramadan Fast, Ustaz Mohammed said that good Muslims don’t tell lies and don’t steal.
He said that such Muslims would not like to cause harm to fellow human beings, whether or not they are Muslims like them.
“They are those who respect other peoples rights without making noise about it. And they take joy in doing justice amongst the people.”
According to him, any Muslims who always bear in mind that he can die at any time and is always conscious of meeting God in good condition is a good Muslim.
The Imam cautioned Muslims who participated in the 30-day Fast against relapsing into bad ways after the month.
“We should not allow our good deeds to end with Ramadan Fasting. We should not be like those who regard Fasting as leave only to return to bad ways after the month.”
Ustaz Mohammed prayed to God to assist the nation’s security operatives defeat the enemies of State that have created security challenges to the country.

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