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I Don’t Believe In Opposition That Celebrates Killing Of People – Cross River Gov

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State has said that one of the reasons he dumped opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is the cannibalistic manner the opposition is being played in Nigeria.
Governor Ayade, who spoke to newsmen today, June 3, after a closed door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential villa, Abuja, deplored the manner PDP takes pleasure in celebrating killings in Nigeria.
“The opposition party only celebrates insecurity and killings by militia and bandits because they (opposition) believe it gives them a chance to win in 2023. So opposition becomes very cannibalistic.
“You rejoice over the bloodbath in your country. You rejoice over the level of insurgency and killings in your country just because you are playing opposition. “The country is snowballing into a civil strife. We need to come together and support Mr. President to overcome the insurgency which is characterized by external militias who are paid for the purpose.”
The governor said that some external forces have basic interest in natural resources of Nigeria, especially tantalites and cobalt related derivative as well as  diamond and gold.
“As you know what this international community does for Africa; once they see large deposit of natural resources, they will be glad to see that such country goes to war.
“On one side, they are  funding  enemies of state; on the other hand, they are funding secessionists so that they can be in the business of guns.
“So, Nigeria, as a leading country in Africa, for me to play opposition and support the conflagration of my country, I thing I will be doing injustice to all that I represent.
“I think moving to the Centre and supporting the President is to reduce the tension and attend to the national unity that we have. That’s why globally, black is no longer seen as a colour but an attitude of greed that we only think from the stomach.
“What do you stand to gain if police stations are attacked, a lot of people are killed, people are kidnapped and you heap it up on the ruling party.
“That is what I want to depart from. So, why don’t we join hands?
“Besides, we all seek access to power to bring value for change to prosperity agenda for Nigeria. The ruling party says my doors are open. So why do you want to use the bullets when a handshake can do it?
“Why not sit on a negotiation table on how to move Nigeria forward? APC is providing that platform to say we are open to receive as many and discuss how we can make Nigeria better; how can we make it the pride of the black man.”

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