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In And Out Of Office, You Remain Our Captain, Nasarawa Assures Osinbajo

The Emir of Lafia, capital of Nasarawa State, Sidi Bage has assured the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo that whether in office or out of it, the people of the State will continue to regard him as their captain.

“You are a worthy captain of our State and we have in turn demonstrated this in fact and in deed. We told our governor that our captain must be our number one priority in anything that we are doing in this country, outside of the Presidency, the Vice President is our priority. Mr. Vice President, we cannot express our gratitude for the kind of love that you continue to show Nasarawa State.”

The Emir spoke today, March 24, when the Vice President performed the foundation laying ceremony for the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) Solar Cells Production Plant in Gora, Nasarawa State.

Emir Sidi Bage said: “there is no other State in the country that you have visited more than Nasarawa State, particularly in the North.

“No matter how small that project, programme or whatever it is that we are doing here, Mr. Vice President will always be with us in Nasarawa State.

“I want to pledge that this bond between us, on behalf of our people, I promise we will keep this bond going, in or out of office.

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“You remain the captain of this State and I will continue to honour this pledge on behalf of our people.”

This was even as the Governor of the State, Engr. Abdullahi Sule, thanked the Vice President for his concern towards the development of the State, country and the welfare of its people.
He said that Professor Osinbajo had occasion to visit the homes of vulnerable people, who believed that there is nothing else for them.

“You had the time to go into their homes and give them hope. Such people, with the hope you have given them will never, ever forget you.

“We also in Nasarawa State, knowing that you touched lives, will never forget you; we remain grateful to you, sir, in office and out of office.
“In area of promoting agriculture, you are there, you have partnered with us; in the area of promoting health, you were there to commission our diagnostic centre in Lafia…

“When we have condolences, you are the first to visit. Mr. Vice President, we are forever grateful to you. This is the best we have seen ever in the history of Nasarawa State.”

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