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Kabiru O. Ademoh Weds Rivelle From United Kingdom


Kabiru and Rivelle 1It was a society wedding on Saturday when Kabiru O. I Ademoh, the son of the Acting Director in the Agric Department of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, took former Miss Rivelle Noupou, a United Kingdom-born Cameroonian to the altar in Kuje, Abuja, the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It attracted the big and the mighty from Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Cameroon.

Kabiru O. Ademoh poses with his fresh new wife, former Miss Rivelle, during the reception today, April 4 in Kuje, Abuja

Kabiru and Rivelle 2Former Miss Rivelle feeds her new husband, Kabiru O. Ademoh during the wedding reception in Kuje, Abuja.

Kabiru and Rivelle 3From right: Alhaji O.I Ademoh, father of the groom: Mrs. Dakleu, mother of the bride: the bride, Mrs. Rivelle Kabiru; Kabiru O. Ademoh; Hajiya Maimunat O. Ademoh, mother of the groom and Ms. Bernie Gaeumani, bride’s sister. [myad]

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