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Kano Gov Asks Secessionists To Call It Off Because Their Elders Don’t Support Them

The Governor of Kano State, Umar Abdullahi Ganduje has asked those young Nigerians who are agitating for new nations out of the country to call it off because they don’t have the support of their elders and leaders.

“And for those young ones who thinks that they could divide the country by their agitations, they should know that they are alone in their quest and this is because their elders have actively identified with one Nigeria entity”.

Ganduje, who spoke to news men today, June 14 in Kano commended regional socio-cultural groups like Ohanaeze Ndigbo, ACF, Afenifere and the Middle Belt group for identifying themselves with one Nigeria projects.

He said that the position of the leaders of such regional groups has finally nailed the agitations for secession movements.

“These young Nigerians should know that our diversity is a source of our strength and pride, and we should use it for a better Nation than create problems that would consume us.”

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Speaking on his likely successor in 2023, Governor Ganduje refused to commit himself to a candidate, but said that it is only the delegates that would determine the next governor of the state.

“On who will succeed me, I think one should allow the delegates to decide that because as you rightly know, Kano politics is something else you don’t sometimes interfere and if you do you will be on your own”.

Governor Ganduje said that Nigeria is in a dire need of peaceful resolutions out of the several insecurities, and as such all hands should be on deck to make things better.

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