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New Minimum Wage For Nigerian Workers Takes Off In September – Minister

Minister of Labour and employment, Chris Ngigi

The Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige, has announced that a new minimum wage will take off, latest by the third quarter of this year, which is September.

The Minister, who gave the assurance in a statement today, Monday, said that implementation of the new pay would take effect immediately after the announcement and that the government is already receiving memorandum from relevant bodies and persons to enable the determination of the new minimum wage.

The minister in a statement, said: “by the third quarter of this year, a new minimum wage will be announced for the country.

“In furtherance to the determination by the federal government to attain the decent work agenda which involves opportunities for works that are productive and deliver a fair income, security in workplace, and social protection for families; there have been overtime, three minimum wage reviews and currently the tripartite committee on national minimum wage is set to review the current minimum wage.”

Dr. Ngige appealed to government workers to endure until the review is completed and implementation of the new wage is announced by September, even as he said that the federal government has had to be cautious because most state governments are still unable to pay the N18, 000 minimum wage agreed to in 2012.

“Better late than never because some State governors are still owing and cannot pay the current N18,000 minimum wage to workers, that’s why we are ensuring we bring all stakeholders along and announce the new minimum wage at the appropriate time.”