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No One Can Disintegrate Nigeria, Osinbajo Warns

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has made it clear that no one can cause disintegration of Nigeria under whatever guise.

Professor Osinbajo, who delivered the Convocation Lecture of the Sokoto State University today, March 12, recalled with concern, some groups and a cross section of citizens that have been clamouring for the country’s breakup or regional system of government.

According to him, proponents of the disintegration have been citing issues and challenges such as ethnic clashes, insecurity, resource control, infrastructure deficit, project funding, unemployment, disregard for federal character, among others.

Osinbajo advised citizens to consider the importance of national unity, saying that the country is more than a sum of its many parts.

“Its diversity – ethnic diversity, cultural diversity, religious diversity – is a value-add for our nation. Difference should not mean division.”

The Vice President advocated a culture of tolerance, open-mindedness and acceptance of people of all cultures and creeds, adding  that there is unity to be found even in the face of differences.

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“There is a Nigerianness that binds us all, there is a shared commitment – no matter how suppressed – to build a better Nigeria for ourselves and future generations.”

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