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Police Boss Warns Top Officers To Be More Proactive As Crimes Rise In Nigeria

Acting IGP, Mohammed Abubakar Adamu

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu has warned lazy police leadership to wake up to the new challenge and be more proactive in the renewed determination to contain the rising cases of criminal activities in the country.

The IGP, who attributed the rise in criminal activities to among others, the conclusion of the general elections, stressed that the current security realities in the country have made laziness amongst the top police officers intolerable.

“While some of you have demonstrated a very high and commendable level of professional competence which has manifested in the moderation of crimes in your commands, unfortunately, the professional proficiency and sense of commitment to duty of some others are being called to question in the face of inappropriate response to threats of crimes in their jurisdictions.”

The police boss, who spoke when he had a meeting with strategic police management in Abuja today, Thursday, charged the leadership of the police to renew their sense of commitment to duty and demonstrate requisite professional leadership needed to roll-back the current unacceptable trend of crimes in your commands.

“In so doing, you must have the knowledge to see things differently, wisdom to think differently and courage to act creatively. Because as noted by Albert Einstein: you cannot be ‘doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.’”

“The dynamics of crime should task you to evolve new thoughts and new approaches to crime management. Your ability to this is what defines you as a professional and an experienced police manager.

“You must therefore, return to your commands to evaluate and coordinate actions directed at overhauling your current crime control structure and strategies being conscious that the current security challenges represent a test on your leadership ability. You must learn to crime-map your jurisdiction and harness the strength within to neutralize all forms of crimes and security threats.

“The only way we can stay ahead of criminals is to continually generate actionable criminal intelligence to support our anti-crime functions. This can only be achieved if we cultivate citizens’ partnership and confidence by returning policing to the people.

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“Consequently, in reviewing your current strategies, you must fully engage the two core policing policies of the current police dispensation which are built on community policing andintelligence-led policing values. While we at the apex leadership level will strive to support and motivate you, we shall, henceforth, not hold back in sanctioning any officer whose dereliction or weak leadership capacity continually occasions increase in crimes.

“Indeed, it is in furtherance to our commitment to complementing you that Operation Puff Adder was conceptualized and launched on 5thApril, 2019 to address in the shortest possible time the threat of kidnapping, armed robbery and armed banditry in Kogi, Niger, Zamfara, Kaduna, and Katsina States as well as the FCT. It is gladdening to note that this initiative has recorded remarkable achievements.  Between 5th April, 2019 (when the operation was launched) and today, the initiative has recorded the following achievements:

i.            No. of kidnapping suspects/armed bandits arrested – 46

ii.         No. of Suspects killed  in operations    –  10

iii.       No. of victims safely rescued – 2

iv.        No. of firearms recovered   – 18 (9 AK 47 rifles and 9 other locally fabricated/automatic weapons)

v.          No. of live AK47 ammunition recovered – 1300

vi.        No. of live cartridges recovered – 28

vii.      No. extra rifle magazines recovered – 10

“I expect you to replicate this strategy in your various commands in order to restore order in the public space and enhance public confidence in the Police.  Let me reassure all citizens of our renewed commitment to emplacing effective strategies towards addressing the current security challenges. The threats might appear challenging, but I can assure that they are surmountable and we shall provide the requisite leadership needed to address them.  We, however, cannot do it alone.

“We seek the citizens’ support and we trust that you shall all partner with us to present a common front in the war against criminal elements that are bent on re-ordering our national values and testing our common will.”

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