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Buhari’s Re-election Was Divine – Group Of Nigerian Ambassadors

President Buhari raised his eight fingers in front of his enthusiastic supporters to signify two term of 8 years.

A group of Nigerian Ambassadors to other countries have described the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term of four years as Divine.
The ambassadors, who were at the Ask Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja today, Wednesday, to congratulate the President, said that President Buhari’s election in 2015, and his recent re-election, are divine interventions in the affairs of the country.
“You are God-sent. You have always come on stage at the critical moments of our national history to right the wrongs of the past.”
Ambassador Ashimiyu Olaniyi who spoke on behalf of his colleagues, said that the President would be remembered as an astute political leader who does not interfere in the political affairs of states, adding that the singular quality has given credibility to all elections conducted since 2015.
The delegation said that apart from records of achievements in the three focal areas of securing the country, reviving the economy, and fighting corruption, “your integrity is responsible for your victory, which we are privileged to celebrate with you today.”
The Ambassadors appreciated the intervention funds that were released to various missions abroad, and pledged continued loyalty and support to the Buhari administration.
This was even as President Buhari said that his government is doing its best to correct and reverse the terrible mismanagement the country had experienced.
He said that the government is determined to upgrade the country’s profile, both locally and internationally.
President Buhari said it would be inexcusable for government not to take care of its Ambassadors in their various stations, hence the special attention being paid to the country’s foreign missions.

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