Home POLITICS For Once, Nigeria Has President That Is Not A Thief – Oshiomhole

For Once, Nigeria Has President That Is Not A Thief – Oshiomhole

Adams Oshiomhole

National chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole has said for once in a long time, Nigeria has been blessed since 2015, with a President that is not associated with stealing of public funds.

“For once, in a long time, we have a president that nobody can call him a thief.”

Oshiomhole, who spoke to news men today, Thursday at the Presidential Villa, said that the campaing for the re-election of President Muhamadu Buhari would have been very easy, but for the majority of illiterates who incidentally were the victims of the past management of the nation’s resources.

He acknowledged that that the whole country is President Constituency to which he has to visit with appropriate message reminding people always.

“You know in the country today, given the challenges of survival tend to forget where we are coming from, they just look at where we are. There is a saying that except you know and remember where you are coming from, you cannot appreciate where you are. Even in the life of a man, those who look at those in their front will never thank God enough but when you look at your back and see those behind, then you will appreciate that you have made a lot of progress.

“So you need to constantly remind Nigerians of what happened in the last 16 years and what has changed over the past three and half years, and what will change even more over the next four years if given the mandate to continue and consolidate.

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“You know that the business of construction is even much more challenging than when you are building a complete new house. So when you are saddled with the responsibility of repositioning an economy that has been so battered even in the face of surplus funds the government was borrowing money.

“If you look at budget of five, 10 years ago, you will find that almost the entire earnings of the government went into the current expenditure which is why this government with lower revenue is spending more on infrastructure. So we think that we have enough message, the issue is how to communicate it knowing that the level of literacy varies from area to area.

“And in this business of one man one vote whether you are a professor of economics or a stark illiterate, the vote is the same. So the challenges in terms of messages is how we make sure that Mr. President’s constituency which is those who were economically and socially deprived: the masses of our people, the one you call talakas that we assist them to recognize where we coming from.”