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Obasanjo Describes Buhari As Neither A Green-Horn Nor A Novice In Governance


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has described the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari as neither a green-horn nor a novice in governance which is why Nigerians should have hope in him to get the country back on track once again.

According to the former leader, Nigerians have a ” new opportunity” in Buhari to make the country work for the better again.
Obasanjo who spoke at his Abeokuta private residence on Presidential Hilltop Estate, when women leaders in the Southwest visited him today noted that the new opportunity is God – given.

“The good thing about the next administration is that the man that would head it – Buhari, is neither “a green–horn nor a novice in governance, adding that Buhari was once in the saddle before, even if it was under a different circumstance and would use his experience to navigate the country to the path of right direction.
He said that Nigerians are quite clever and advised Buhari to be honest and truthful with them, saying he should not do what he called “cover up” or try to play “ostrich” on them.
He said that there is a very high expectation about the in-coming government to sort things out quickly for Nigerians, but also added that there is equally a high level of goodwill locally and internationally in its favour.
The former President advised Buhari not to be frightened by the enormous expectations and the daunting challenges of the country, adding that he should take the right steps within the next three months of being sworn–in when Nigerians are watching and counting to see what would be done to better their lots.
He prayed Nigeria and Nigerians would not miss this opportunity God has provided to get the country out of a jam
Earlier, the Iyalode of Yorubaland, Alaba Lawson, who lauded Obasanjo for his fatherly role to Nigeria, appealed to him not to refrain from offering quality advice to the in–coming administration.
She said Nigerians are in agonies over fuel crisis, unemployment, insecurity among others and urged the former President not to abandon Buhari in the onerous task to make Nigerians proud again as two good heads are better than one. [myad]

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