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Presidency To Jonathan: You Made Nigeria A Laughing Stock

File photo: Dame Patience Jonathan alights first, with her husband President Goodluck Jonathan behind from the presidential jet NAF1 during one of his official visits to the United State of America, in 2013. | Photo by thescoopng

The Presidency has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan of making Nigeria a laughing stock in the international arena and turning back to say that he is ashamed to be a Nigerian.

Reacting to Jonathan’s remark: “I feel ashamed as a former President that the President of a neighbouring country used Nigeria as negative examples,” the Presidency asked: “who put us there. He is the one in the mirror, who put us there? The picture is of himself. Let him look at the mirror. So what else does he want to see?”

In a statement, Garba Shehu, senior special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari said: “it was a big shame but we are happy that Mr. Jonathan himself is realizing this and hope that his political party will own up what they did to the country. He made Nigeria a laughing stock, if other countries are laughing at Nigeria, who put us there? Are they not the one?”

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Garba Shehu insisted that President Buhari is trying to clean up the mess “and he is doing a good job of it. Please they should allow him time to do this thing.

“We are gaining back our respectability globally even the citizens when they travel out of the country, they are better respected than they were before.”