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President Buhari Has Checkmated Aso Rock Cabals, Archbishop Claims

Most Rev. Oche Job

The Methodist Archbishop of Abuja, Most Rev. Oche Job, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has successfully checkmated the much talk about cabals in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa.

“There are cabals in Aso Villa till now, but they are no longer well-pronounced like before. At the time of Goodluck Jonathan, every time and then, you hear of cabals. But I think because Buhari makes up his mind and he knows where he is going, he doesn’t listen to people. That’s why the issue of cabal is no longer pronounced like in the past.”

Archbishop Oche Job who spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja today, Sunday, said if Buhari “is a man who fears what people will say, by now, he would have become very nervous.

“For sure, I commend him. You see, Buhari fears no one and that’s why I like him. He makes up his mind and says and does what he thinks is the best for the nation.

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“People may not praise him now; but by the time he leaves the seat, and somebody comes in and they begin to do comparison, they will say if it were in the time of Buhari, oh my God, this thing would have been this.”

The clergyman, who stressed that a good leader must have self-confidence, insisted: “if you must rule and have the blessings of the majority, you need to have what is called self-confidence.”

Source: NAN