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Those Who Question Nigeria Oneness Are Challenging God – Sultan Of Sokoto

Sultan (2)The Sultan of Sokoto, Mohammed Sa’ad III, has accused those who have been questioning the coming together of Nigeria as one in 1914 as challenging God.

 “We didn’t fall from the sky; we came from somewhere. We became Nigeria in 1914 through amalgamation. People are shouting that our coming together as a country in 1914 was a mistake, but God doesn’t make mistakes. If God doesn’t want such a thing as Nigeria to happen, nobody could ever have made it happen.

“Though we claim to be very religious, yet we challenge God. You don’t come out in the open and say you are challenging God, but by actions and utterances, many people are challenging God.”

The Sultan spoke today, Wednesday at a National Colloquium organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on the theme: “The Labour Movement and The Future of National Unity: What Role for Restructuring?” held at Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Abuja.

He said that people from the North are not afraid to discuss about the restructuring of Nigeria, but that he would not support anything that would disintegrate the country, warning that if the idea behind the clamour for restructuring is to disintegrate the country, he would not support it.

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“We know who we are and I think it is important for us to look back while we are talking about restructuring. When people talk about restructuring, if they mean we should disintegrate, I will not support it, but if it means making things, lives better and much conducive and convenience for Nigerians, then let’s sit and discuss it,” the Sultan said.

The Sultan pointed out that many of the groups agitating from the North, West, South-South and South-East have their own points, but added that no group had the right to tell the other to leave wherever he lived anywhere in the country.

The Sultan said he fully backed the position of President Muhammadu Buhari, saying: “I support the president’s position 100 per cent, I believe what he said is right. And I say, instead of talking about devolution of power, let’s talk about devolution of economy.

“There is nothing wrong in you saying I want to be better, but when you sit to discuss issues, you find out that you are a much better person.”[myad]