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Reps Speaker, Gbajabiamila, Heads For Ghana On Peace Mission

Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, leaves for Ghana tomorrow, September 2, to engage his counterpart in that country on the way to resolve the conflict and misunderstanding that defined the relationship between the two countries lately.

The Speaker, who visited President Muhammadu Buhari today, September 1 to brief him on his move, told newsmen: “I’m leaving for Ghana tomorrow to meet with the Speaker of the parliament in Ghana to look at the issues on ground, as they affects our citizens, and to try and calm things down and see if there’s a way forward.

“I will meet with the Speaker tomorrow, I informed the President and he’s aware of every single step that we are taking, all the way and we hope that we’ll come to an amicable settlement one way or the other.

“It’s called Legislative Diplomacy. If you remember very well, during the days when I was Leader of the House, I led the delegation to South Africa during the crisis there with Nigerians and we were able to accomplish quite a bit, to simmer things down at that time.”

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Gbajabiamila emphasized that he would engage to discuss in the spirit of African Parliaments “and we’ll be looking at issues from time to time as they affect African countries.

“Like I said, we are looking for amicable solutions. The Ghanians have their take on what’s going on, we have our own take. We’ll see how we can marry the two takes and come to a solution.

“We are two strong West African countries and there must be symbiosis, we must work together. You don’t get anything from working at cross purposes or knocking heads together. We must, at all times, as Africans, work as best as possible together and that’s what this my trip is abou

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