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This President, Buhari, Will Not Cut Deals, Osinbajo Tells Pastor Kumuyi

Kumuyi and OsinbajoVice President Yemi Osinbajo, has made it clear that President Muhammadu Buhari he had come to know, is the one that would not cut deals as he presides over the affairs of the nation.
Professor Osinbajo acknowledged that some people may regard President Buhari as being strict because of his forthrightness, but that “he is the kind of leader we need now. He is a president who will not cut deals and who is only interested in moving Nigeria forward.
“We are very happy that we have a President who is honest, a President who is straight forward, a President who is operating from the genuineness of his heart, this is the kind of leader that we need now.”
Vice President Osinbajo spoke on Friday during a courtesy visit by a delegation from the Deeper Christian Life Church, led by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi at the Presidential Villa.
He said that he and the president have worked together “very, very well,” adding that the government did not create the sordid economic conditions Nigeria is facing.
“The reason we are here at this time is known to the Lord Himself. Everyday I wake up knowing there is a cause for being here and it is to move the country forward.”
Osinbajo told Pastor Kumuyi the Ogoni clean-up in Niger Delta is very important, a situation which he said is very bad.
“I have been in the area a few times, but we need peace in the area to be able to carry on with the clean-up exercise.”
He said the clean-up exercise will take decades but that with the phased implementation, people can gradually return to fishing and farming.
On the power sector, Professor Osinbajo said that by February this year the country was doing 5000MW of electricity for the first time in history.
The Vice President said however that the continued militants’ attacks on the pipelines has made things bad not only on electricity, but also cutting the oil revenues of the nation.
He assured that government is working diligently on effective solutions to those challenges as he expressed the hoped that God has a purpose for choosing the President and himself to serve at this time.
“This is the doing of the Lord.”
Earlier, Pastor Kumuyi had thanked God for the progress made so far by the Administration.
“God will fulfil the purpose for which He brought you at a time like this.”
Pastor Kumuyi invited the Vice President to the crusade, even as he pledged his contributions and prayers for the Buhari administration and for the progress of the country. [myad]

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