Home NEWS Those Saying Buhari Will Rig 2019 Elections Are Irritants – Presidency

Those Saying Buhari Will Rig 2019 Elections Are Irritants – Presidency

Femi Adesina

The Presidency has described those who have been saying that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari will rig the 2019 elections in the country as Irritants.
The Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, who spoke on a programme on Arise TV, said that the President would rather lose fairly than to rig the 2019 elections.
According to him, the citizens of the country have shown faith in what the president is doing and hope that the administration of Buhari will take Nigeria to the place the country deserves.
Adesina, who said he was surprised to hear that some people may have entertained the idea that the president will attempt to rig the presidential elections, said that he finds the idea offensive.
The presidential spokesman said that if anybody is going to try to rig the elections, then it would certainly not going to be the president.
He asked Nigerians to disregardthe idea of a possible rigged presidential election.
Adesinahe said that the Buhari’s ‘Next Level document’ is aimed at ideepening the development presently taking place in the country.
“It is based on the consolidation and progress of what has already been done and what is to be done in the future.
“The development will continue and will give its fruits soon. If Buhari is re-elected such focal areas as economy, security and infrastructure will receive the attention and funding.”
He also said that those Nigerians who would vote for Buhari will not be disappointed.
“As for the comments of the president himself, Muhammadu Buhari said that the general election in 2019 would usher another clime of unity, peace and maturity. He also added that the political consciousness in the country has increased, as can be seen in the increased number of political parties that were registered.”
Source: Vanguard