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We Have No Link With IPOB – Agitators For Southern Cameroun Republic

File photo: Members of IPOB during protest in Anambra

Leader of the agitators for a Southern Cameroon Republic from the current Republic of Cameroun have made it clear that they have no link and cannot have any link with Nnamdi Kanu or his group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The Cameroonian separatist Leader, Samuel Sako, who leads ‘The Interim Government of the separatist group in southern Cameroon agitating for their own country called ‘Ambazonia’, made this known in a zoom meeting yesterday.

He said that the report of an ‘alliance’ with IPOB was an ‘evil deception’ aimed at frustrating the relationship between the group and the Nigerian government.

“I especially thank the governors of Cross River, Akwa Ibom, and Taraba who have shown our people unparalleled hospitality since the beginning of this war,”.

“I challenge the civil society and the journalists in Nigeria, this is the authority that speaks for the people of Southern Cameroon. We have not and we will not endorse Biafra, that’s the position we have taken. We recognise the right to self-determination of people of the world according to the laws even of Nigeria,”

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Sako, 65, said that the reported alliance last April between IPOB and a “so-called Ambazonian Governing Council.” was orchestrated by the Cameroonian government and, possibly, the French Secret Service “to serve as the bogeyman to cow the Nigerian state into an unholy alliance against the legitimate aspiration of the people of Southern Cameroon.”

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