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We Must Take A Stand Against Terror, Injustice, Tinubu Insists

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The Presidential flag bearer of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said that Nigerians must now take a stand against terrorists that have devastated the country and against injustice in the land.

In a message today, July 8, on the Eid-el-Kabir celebration coming up tomorrow, Tinubu acknowledged that the nation is facing “stiff challenges.

“Most troubling is the spate of violent attacks on innocent Nigerians. We must take a stand against terror and injustice. These evils lie forever outside our faith. Those who perpetuate such inhumanity do so in opposition to Islam and all that it means.

“To be true Muslims is to adhere to the principles of peace, tolerance, justice, and charity. Our faith asks us to stand against those perpetrating evil and visiting untold misery on others. And we must remain forever obedient to the kind and life-affirming principles of our faith.

“Yes, there are those who seek to bring this nation and Islam into disrepute through their destructive and violent actions. They seek to pit brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour, and religion against religion.

“They want to break the peaceful order of society. But Allah has placed us here to build a better Nigeria by taking care and seeing all of its inhabitants as our brothers and sisters regardless of ethnicity, faith and region. This we shall do. And no amount of evil or terror from whatever quarter shall stop us from fulfilling what Allah has commanded us to do.”

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Asiwaju asked Nigerians to continue to believe in the excellent nation Nigeria can be, advising that people should eschew violence, with emphasis on “those who cause and sponsor it. Let us not forget the poor and vulnerable among us. Let us demonstrate brotherly concern and compassion and give succour to those unable to help themselves.

“This Eid, we beseech Almighty Allah to protect the weak, feed the poor and give us the courage and wisdom to subdue and defeat those who would seek to hurt the innocent and impair this nation.

“We pray for our gallant soldiers and other security agents who, daily, sacrifice themselves to confront violent evil. Let us also remember President Muhammadu Buhari, our governors and other leaders in our prayers that they might find the wisdom and fortitude to surmount the challenges facing this country that, together, we can enjoy the benefits of a better Nigeria.

“We pray for a greater nation and society where the light of democracy, peace, prosperity and hope shines on and for all of us and the darkness of poverty, violence and hatred is forever banished.

“We pray that Nigeria shall be faithful and remain true to its great calling and destiny.”

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