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We Were To Bomb Many Churches In Kaduna, Botched Suicide Bomber Confesses

Nathaniel Samuel, an alleged suicide bomber who was arrested on Sunday with a bomb at the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) in Sabon Tasha, Kaduna, has said that they were recruited to bomb churches around Kaduna refinery and other places.
Answering questions during public interrogation by police detectives in Kaduna, the suspect, stressed “our main targets were churches around Kaduna refinery and other areas.”
Nathaniel, who named six others as his alleged members of the gang, including the chief bomb maker, said that the IDE devices were manufactured at a place he called Badakawa.
Below is an excerpt of the interrogation conducted in Hausa:
Police: How did come about this device?
Suspect: It was assembled at Badakawa place together with Stephen, Grace and one Yusuf.
Police: How many did you assemble?
Suspect: I was just given the device after it was assembled.
Police: How many devices did you go to living faith church with?
Suspect: Only two tucked inside a nylon bag.
Police: What was the timing for the explosion?
Suspect: (After much hesitation) One hour. And that he left the device to go to toilet.
Police: How many of these devices were assembled and taken out?
Suspect: They are many taken out.
Police: By whom
Suspect: There’s one called Wisdom, Grace, Yusuf and Munirat.
Police: Who did you use for the operation?
Suspect: I don’t know but I’m just a learner.
Police: Who is the expert among those assembling the device?
Suspect: His name is “DJ No limit”
Police: How many devices were distributed around?
Suspect: Many have been distributed around but mostly in Churches around the Kaduna refinery and other areas.

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