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Why We Need To Protect Some Nigerians Over Others – Police Boss

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Usman Alkali Baba has given reasons why some Nigerians are being provided with police to guide and protect them over and above others.

He said: “there are those that need to be escorted: there are those that need to be guided because of the nature of job they are doing, or the nature of responsibility they are carrying. The state is supposed to provide security, to protect the citizens, particularly citizens that are vulnerable to attacks or assault or whatever kind attacks because of the nature of duty they do.”

The police boss who spoke to newsmen today, May 27 in Abuja, said that there are political leaders who by virtue of the political offices they find themselves in, are entitled to be escorted.

“Even businessmen, because of  their position in the society need to be protected; they need to be guided. So we have a unit that is called A special Protection Unit.

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“That unit is essentially created to provide security for those who are in the categories that l mentioned. And there are places to be guided, business premises, because of the nature of activities they do in that place, that company or factory or business entity need to be protected.

“So there is no way you can say this policeman… because you see maybe a classmate with a policeman behind him does not mean you have the same status.

“Suppose you come to my office and say that your  life is under threat and I give you a policeman and somebody sees you with a policeman and complain? So these are the things we are having.

“And it is also a symbol of authority. When you have a police officer behind you, you’re working and his is following, it’s a symbol of authority. And some people want it.”

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