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Before You Join #EndSARS Protesters

Let me take us down memory lane. On October 20, 2011 Qaddafis regime came to an end as he was killed in Sirte, Libya. The people danced and celebrated his fall! An end to an oppression or so they thought.

For five years, many militia groups fought for control of Sirte, it eventually fell to ISIS who held it until August 2016 when government recaptured it.

From Qaddafis fall till today, more than 60% of those who celebrated the fall and death of Qaddafi have died either in conflict or from starvation. Some have been raped, maimed or in jail. Those alive are wishing they never rose against Qaddafi by proxy destroying their country.

Saddam Hussein was killed 30 December 2006 in Kadhimiya district of Baghdad, Iraq. People danced and celebrated! The revolution had worked but over 500 people have died in Kadhimiya alone! Imagine 500 people dead in Kubwa alone! Meanwhile thousands more all over Iraq.

January 5, 2012, bombs went off in Kadhimiya, 59 dead, scores wounded. February 23 another 60 killed 18 wounded. All the lies, the western powers told them, they wished they had not listened!

All the support promised, all they see is weapons sent to destroy themselves. @PoliceNG  took us for a ride for too long.

I am praying a nationwide probe begins so the world will see the extent of damage they did; extrajudicial killings, torture, extortion, intimidation etc. It was only a matter of time before the people say enough is enough and that is what has happened with the protests.

While on it, we should be careful that #EndSARS doesn’t morph into something that will consume us all. Among the protesters, there are genuine ones, people hoping that by jumping on the bandwagon, they can resurrect their dead careers, clout addicts who will do anything for social media fame, con-men/women who have seen this as an avenue to make money, those who lost elections/access to government so see this as an opportunity to attack & finally the west/foreign groups who covertly/overtly destroy countries for their own agenda. All these groups coming together can be volatile for any country but before you allow yourself to be used to bring pain to your

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doorstep think; if you hate @atiku , @AsiwajuTinubu, @MBuhari , note that before the place goes up in smoke they & their family will be on the next flight out of the country! It is a good thing to see the elite, celebs who aren’t directly affected by @PoliceNG brutality lend their voices to the masses but if @DONJAZZY, @davido , @burnaboy  are egging you on, telling you ‘we no go gree’, insisting you do not pause for a second & see demands met, don’t forget that none of them is worth less than a billion Naira! They all have one leg in Nigeria & the other in some exotic country! One phone call & a helicopter will land on the roofs of their houses, take them to an airstrip where a private jet is waiting to jet them out. You think its far fetched? During the lock-down, the airspace was shut down all over the world but we saw most of them jetting in & out of different countries. So when they push you to say we no go gree, ask if they will standby as the country burns. Some are already overseas but sending you money, egging you on from the comfort of another mans country.

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