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Donald Trump: Of God Or Devil, By Yusuf Ozi-Usman

Yusuf Ozi-Usman
Yusuf Ozi-Usman

For the first time in a long time, everything is turning anti-clock wise in the United States of America.

It is strange that all predictions, forecasts and opinion polls which favoured the Democrat nominee, Hilary Clinton in the November 8 Presidential election, failed the Americans this time. As a matter of fact, it has never been in the character of America to miss target, especially in a matter as scientific as forecasting the election swing; what happened this time?
It is strange also that shortly after Donald Trump of the Republican was declared the winner of the election against all the projections and media calculations, many Americans poured onto the streets to protest against his election victory. Americans were never known to openly disown a President-elect and this time; who were the people in majority that elected Trump?
It is strange that instead of the world leaders to cheer up and sincerely wish Donald Trump well as he prepares to lead the world most powerful country, what we have so far are pent-up anger, suspicion and “wait-and-see” posture, and in a few cases, outright condemnation of Trump becoming the President.
The question that has been asked in many quarters is that, is Trump’s election the work of God or that of the devil?
This question is back-grounded in the common saying among the religious people that leaders are chosen by God. This time, can we really say that he was chosen by God?

Recall that in May this year, the General Overseer of the Divine Hand Prophetic Ministry, Prophet (Dr) Emmanuel Omale predicted that Trump would emerge not only as the  flag bearer of the Republican but would go on to win the 2016 US presidential election.

He had said: “I see confusion all over the world. I see Donald Trump, we need to pray. I see him winning the election, and he won and there was war everywhere and we are being forced to start using 666 number. There was war everywhere. We need to pray.

“If we don’t pray I saw him winning because it is devil that is bringing him to bring war to the whole world. We shall not see war, we shall not see war!”

Prophet Omale spoke during ministration at Deliverance Service held at the Divine Hand Prophetic Ministry’s church auditorium in Abuja.

Of course, the Trump’s body language and even his open pronouncements have all pointed to the direction of abnormalities and indication for the return of America to the Dark Age, even before the advent of Democracy. In short, his comportment, his words and his inaction are all wreaking of combat for WAR: war with the Muslims, war with 11 million illegal immigrants, war with Africa, war with Nigeria which he described as the land of thieves and lazy people and war with just anybody and any system that as much as dare him.
It should be understood that before his coming, America has prided itself as a free society, and for all manners of people, for, after all, the country is peopled by various ethnic nationalities: Latino, Hispanic, Britons, Africans, Asians and all of that. America has been known to be home to all and indeed, the home of modern democracy that allows the good, the bad and the ugly to interact from where the best can emerge.
And, unfortunately, Donald Trump is aiming at obliterating all such established traditions, and in their places is his advocating, and the chance for him now, to implement what has come to be known as “white supremacy.”
Of course, those who voted for him to become President are the die-hard local champions who have never stepped out of the four-corners of America in their life time, and who believe that America is heaven: those are the backward ones that refuse to take it that the world has since arrived at the threshold of jet-age civilization. There are also a few other Americans who speak from both sides of their mouth, i.e. the hypocrites who preach democracy but practice something opposite when it pleases them.
The likely foreign policy ideology of Donald Trump, gleaning from his campaign diatribes, is certainly too archaic for the modern world and too dangerous for the peaceful co-existence of the people living in America and outside it.

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As a matter of fact, Trump has been confirmed to be a bully and a “headmaster” who grew up giving orders to subordinates, especially his workers without being challenged. This is a man who has never been even a council boss, politically. And, from board room of his multi-billion dollar companies, he was catapulted to the most powerful political leadership of the world. And what should anyone expect from such a myopic President – for another four years?
Come to think of it, we used to hear of walls built around big cities in many parts of the world in the early centuries, mainly as means of warding off unwanted intruders, especially in wars. But Trump has been romancing with the same idea of the far flung centuries, as the world now turned into global village. Indeed, for Trump to even think of walls in America to ward off “unwanted immigrants,” especially Muslims and Latino in this 21st century, to say the least, is evil.
Like what Prophet Omale said, we all need to pray; pray for the happy ending of this world, with Trump coming to mount the leadership of America, for, his leadership might be the coming of anti-Christ or the Armageddon.

This may sound wild, but is the election of Trump and the way many Americans reacted to it not wild too?
With Trump, and the way he stole himself into the White House, everyone should prepare for the unknown; the known that looms and so thick that sharp knife can shred it. [myad]

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