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General Buhari And Parable Of Divorced Woman, By Yusuf Ozi-Usman

FayoseKayodeOkupeOnce upon a time, there was this woman who had been separated from her husband. Before the divorce, the couple had a male child. Because of the tenderliness of the baby, the burden of taking care of him fell on the estranged wife.
As the child was growing up, the woman seized the opportunity that he was always with her to continue to concoct all sort of stories about his father to the boy. As a matter of fact, there was nothing else the woman fed her son with than how wicked, dangerous and uncaring his father was in her life.
The boy grew up to the point of getting into a university, still with her mother trying to perfect the spirit of hatred in the boy towards his father: she would not be tired of narrating the same old story, like in chorus, to her son about his supposedly bad father.
One day, just as the boy, now a grown up man, was about to graduate from the university, the mother, as usual, jumped on a little opportunity, in the course of conversation, to chip in the dangerous character of his father. She had hardly finished the story when the son began to pack all his belongings in the room. He looked so angry. He did not utter a word for the period he was angrily packing his belongings despite the pleading by his mother to let her know the source of his anger and action.
When he was done, he turned to his mother, with his eyes dangerously red and said: “I want to go in search of my father who you have always abused before me. I really want to confirm how bad he has been and I think I need such knowledge. And do you know what?” He asked his mother: “I think I am beginning to long for and love my father even though I have not seen him. You are such a bore!!!”
If one remove the whole of the above scenario and place it on General Muhammadu Buhari’s situation before the March 28 Presidential election, it either would perfectly fit-in or the difference would be insignificant.
Here was a man who had contested the same Presidential election in 2003, 2007 and 2011 under what one would describe as fairly friendly environment. Here was a man who obviously had been cheated by the marauding Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) all these years: the party was made up of Nigerians who had mastered the art of electoral robbery, so much cleverly done that even the 2007, 2011 elections were adjudged by local and international monitors to be “free and fair.”
And then came the campaigns for the 2015 election with General Buhari again flying the flag of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC). This time around, almost all those in PDP who used to do dangerous mathematics on the nation’s election in the past had either left the party or gone silent because of the later day leadership. And coupled with the introduction of some kind of technology in the electoral process by the electoral umpire, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the later day leaders of what remained of PDP resorted to all manners of subterfuge to stop Buhari because they knew their games were up.
Abuses upon abuses were the order of the day. All of a sudden, the later day leadership of what remained of PDP discovered that Buhari was seriously sick and they were the ones who told us even when Buhari said he was not sick.
All of a sudden, the later day leaders of what remained of PDP told us that Buhari had no secondary school certificate even though he himself said that he had one from one of the oldest and best secondary schools in the old Northern Nigeria.
All of a sudden, the later day leaders of what remained of PDP told us that Buhari stole PTF funds even though, not only Buhari but Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former Nigeria President, told Nigerians that he (Buhari) came out of headship of PTF clean.
All of a sudden, Buhari became a different thing to the later day leaders of what remained of PDP, from what he was in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections.
Not only that, the later day leaders of what remained of PDP turned to the people from where Buhari emerged, insulting a hell out of them: that they were illiterates, leprosious, over-populated with beggars (al-majiris) and so on.
The insults on the people of the whole North, made up of 19 states out of the nation’s 36 states were so reverberating that it was almost as if they did not need any vote for their candidate (Jonathan) from anyone in this region.

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Dame Patience laughs              Dame Patience Jonathan insulted the whole North
One wondered what type of campaign the later day leaders of what remained of PDP would have wanted people like Adamu Mu’azu, Mohammed Namadi Sambo, Sule Lamido, Babangida Aliyu, Ambassador Aminu Bashir Wali and other Northerners to conduct for President Jonathan in the same North they have so derided and insulted.
This was exactly what the PDP chairman, Adamu Mu’azu, governor Babangida Aliyu and even PDP national publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh admitted as the cause of the failure of President Jonathan to win re-election. As a matter of fact, the abuses on, and attempts made to disgrace Buhari out of the race, by a few later day leaders of what remain of PDP, who did not know the dynamics of the Northern politics, attracted a lot of sympathy votes for the General.
This should be a lesson to all that the person you malign most, just so that you would make others to hate him, may be the person that would eventually triumph, because, it is obvious that God Himself abhors man inhumanity to man.

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