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Wrong Protest In Wrong Place, By Yusuf Ozi Usman

A negligible number of Nigerians in Diaspora, who are supposed to be a bundle of enlightened species, residing in civilized country, today, Tuesday, gathered in front of Nigerian Embassy building in London protesting what is clearly about democracy back in Nigeria.

They rented the air with a chorus ‘Buhari must go’ for reasons which only Nigerians in Nigeria can handle by voting him out come 2019. The protesters complained about the farmers/herdsmen clashes in Nigeria, cost of food stuffs in Nigerian markets, scarcity or high cost of petroleum products amongst others.

Of course, people in Nigeria are aware of such complains, and many have explained that most of such challenges were inherited by the government of President Buhari. Even if it is his government that created and festered the problems, today’s civilization still does not make the London protesters civilized set of people in modern world.

As a matter of fact, President Buhari is not known to have violated Nigerian constitution and or his party’s constitution by declaring to contest the 2019 Presidential election to complete his second term in office. Indeed, those who are protesting in foreign land against the President are the ones that should check their consciences, as to whether where they are protesting is the right place and for that matter, the reason for their protest is genuine.

It is only in those dark days of the world that none civilized members of the local society would carry out such an action and could be excused for their ignorance.

For, if Buhari and his government are not doing well or have even run down the country in all facets, it is only the electorates, in a democracy being practiced, back in Nigeria that can send him packing through their votes, just like it was done to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, and is being done to some other African leaders in the recent past.

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By staging a protest in London, asking Buhari to go, those Nigerians in Diaspora have come out to show that they are mercenaries or hired political thugs to embarrass the President who has done no more harm to Nigeria than those before him; those past leaders were allowed to breathe well, even when some of them sought to elongate their tenures beyond either the constitutional requirement or human expectations.

And more importantly, they are disgracing Nigeria in the foreign land; the foreign land whose citizens know and understand how best to kick out bad leaders without making noise about it. Or are they saying that by merely asking Buhari to ‘go’ he would return to Nigeria early this week and leave government…so that their corrupt sponsors would return to pounce on the treasury of the nation and resume the ‘business as usual?’

Honestly, I never knew there are these kinds of cheap Nigerians living in such highly respected country. They are too cheap, dirty, uncivilized, archaic, downright silly and apparently sell-outs.

Now I know better. [myad]