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Abba Kyari, The Man Hated By 2 Groups Of Nigerians, By Issa Mutolib Ayobami

Remain of late CoS, Abba Kyari being laid to rest

Abba Kyari is dead. He’s a man many Nigerians hated. Yes, he was hated by two groups. The first are the political gladiators who envied him and wanted to wield the same influence as him did, not for anything, but for their self-serving interests!

The second group are common Nigerians, who I don’t blame. They hated him because of the stories the first group successfully sold to them. They also hated him because of the failures of President Muhammadu Buhari, as they believe he’s the one wielding the powers of Mr. President!

I just see Abba Kyari as a man caught in the storm of a failed system, a victim who was at the receiving ends of elitist political conspiracies. The sad part was that he wasn’t able to tell his own story, because his office didn’t permit him to do so.

I hope one of his offsprings or aides will do so soon!

Take it or leave it, Abba Kyari was loyal to his friend and boss till death. He took all the stones and bullets for PMB. He protected the President from many foxes and hyenas. Yes, he had so many faults and committed so many mistakes, because he wasn’t perfect. No one is anyway!

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This isn’t a time for anyone to gloat about his death. This is the time for us all to retrospect and see if we also have an Abba Kyari as a friend – someone who would be loyal to us till death.

Most importantly, I hope those who still think Covid-19 is a scam have by now woken up

The fact is that if Abba Kyari, with the best medical treatment, became a victim, who else can’t?

May Allah forgive him of his sins and receive him as a Shahidi.

Rest in peace, Mallam!

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