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Jonathan’s Trumpeting Of Perfidy! By Rotimi Fashakin

Rotimi Fashakin
Rotimi Fashakin

Ex American Envoy, Richard Grenell has said electing Buhari as President of Nigeria will be a disaster for Africa because of Buhari’s sharia credentials according to him.
The PDP press has been agog with this news since it came out on March 19.
In their desperation to discredit Buhari, Jonathan and PDP will go to any depth to use even the lowliest of persons to attempt to achieve their objective.
Who is Richard Grenell? According to Wikipedia, Richard Grenell (born September 18, 1966) is an American media commentator and former diplomat. He is the longest serving U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations and briefly served as national security spokesman for Mitt Romney in his 2012 campaign for president of the United States. HE BECAME THE FIRST OPENLY GAY SPOKESMAN FOR A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, after being hired by Mitt Romney. He resigned after pressure from social conservatives and gay liberals alike.
The PDP that has accused Buhari of going abroad to say he will repeal the anti-gay law has now hired a gay consultant to attack Buhari. So Jonathan has set another record, HE IS THE FIRST NIGERIAN PRESIDENT TO HIRE A GAY CONSULTANT to promote his campaign. What a callously hypocritical leader!
Richard Grenell lives in California with his partner of nine years, Matthew Lashey, a media and entertainment company executive. This gay man “married” to another man is the PDP consultant telling Nigerians not to vote Buhari because he is pro-sharia. It is a nauseous impudence that the utterly irresponsible Jonathan regime is forcing on Nigerians
Besides, was it not these unconscionable Republicans that manufactured intelligence and falsely asserted that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)? Was it not the basis of the war on Iraq that unseated Saddam Hussein? Is the unseating of Saddam Hussein not the cause of the massive disequilibrium of Iraq and the Middle East that is now disrupting world peace? Is this not what has brought about the rise of the murderous ISIL?
That a ruling party bought judicious media space for trumpeting the views of an amoral, and foreign interest is an attestation of the unworthiness of Jonathan for the votes of Nigerian people. For today alone, this profligate President spent about N250million in propagating this hogwash.
Having hired a gay man, we await the lesbian adviser of President Jonathan! For all we care they can hire Lucifer to threaten fire and brimstone against Nigerians. We will still vote Buhari. PDP and Jonathan have lost this battle.
Sai Buhari/Osinbajo.

Rotimi Fashakin.

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