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Reasons Why Gov Yahaya Bello Should Be Re-Elected, By Abdulrahman Yakubu

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello

If there is anything that has endeared Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello to the people of Kogi state and beyond, it is his pragmatic leadership disposition in restoring peace and security in the hitherto restive state in the central part of Nigeria. This is even more commendable, considering the increasing wave of insecurity across the country in recent times, with the central region as the hotbed of these vicious circle of violent conflicts, armed robbery, and kidnapping. There is no doubt, that the 44-year-old chartered accountant has brought to bear, an exceptional leadership quality that requires every Nigerian to pay serious attention to without prejudice.

Of course, for some of us who have been diligently following his administration’s footsteps identified unique technique he has deployed in governing the state that has so far witnessed tremendous achievements in the last about four years of his stewardship as governor. It’s noteworthy that while some state governors relinquished some of their responsibilities and ran to Abuja for helps as a result of the increasing cases of insecurity across the country, Governor Yahaya Bello, however, confronted the challenge with grip despite several distractions within the state.

On assumption of office in January 2016, Governor Yahaya Bello identified security as a priority in achieving any meaningful development. He quickly put in place security architecture, ranging from equipping security agents to empowering traditional institution and personally led a team to dislodge perceived criminals’ hideouts across the state.

Governor Bello’s proactive response to security breaches in any part of the state was complemented with his undisputable inclusive leadership style, by giving equal opportunities to all sections of the state. As a matter of fact, this is the first-time such exceptional leadership disposition is exhibited since the creation of the state in 1991.

While a short piece of this nature cannot sufficiently enumerate the Governor’s landmark achievements, it’s however, germane to mention some few of them dotted across the state. These include construction of township roads across the three senatorial districts; revitalizing the state health care centers (including renovation of state’s school of nursing and midwifery); building from scratch, the largest rice processing plant in the whole of northern Nigeria; revival of the dearth rural water supply; building and equipping of army operational forward base and outposts; construction of about three hundred classrooms for schools; building and renovation of several religious worship centers; construction and renovation of several state government buildings, including traditional rulers’ palaces amongst other numerous achievements.

There is no doubt that Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s exceptional leadership has won him not only local commendations but also international recognition. Just recently, President Buhari was reported to have enjoined other governors with security challenges to learn from Kogi state on how the state was able to draw the curtain against the criminals and achieved peace and security in the state. It’s also on record that several international organizations including the United Nations have recognized Yahaya Bello and his government to the extent of inviting the state to the 72nd UN General Assembly to make a presentation. On several occasions, the National Hajj Commission and some Civil Society organizations have commended and awarded Kogi State Hajj commission for its excellent performance in the management of the commission.

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Furthermore, it is gratifying to note that, Kogi state which was classified by the U.S government among the high risk states up to 2015, was at a time during new direction government of Yahaya Bello, hailed as the 2nd most peaceful states in the country. Indeed, these and among others several examples are clear testimonies of the giant strides of the state government in the last three and half years.

However, no human is perfect and Bello is not an exception as he has personally acknowledged to do better if given another opportunity. Of course, there are some decisions or actions he might have taken that may be considered wrong. Indeed, that is his human side and that is where every sincere and committed stakeholder of the state is expected to render supports by advising him and praying to God to guide him, not by derogating and abusive statements on his personality. After all, government is not a one-man business. As such, when a government failed, it is attributed to the entire people that made up that government. His ability to identify and appoint some good hands in his government no doubt has helped him to record the landmark achievements we celebrate today. By and large, when compared to the situation of the state before he assumed office in 2016, he has done excellently well and surpassed all his predecessors that had governed the state.

Without mincing words, as Kogites heading for another important election in the next few weeks from now, we must, with the utmost sense of responsibility ensure that, a man who has mustered the courage to weather the storm and navigated the hazardous political terrain to restore peace and security, launched infrastructural revolution across the state and exhibited exceptional leadership quality cum political will, be compensated by voting him en-masse to continue his developmental strides, in not only repositioning the state to an enviable height but also solidify the bond he has erected among all divides in the state which will, in turn, guarantee a more united, prosperous Kogi State for generation to come.

May Almighty Allah guide, protect and elevate him to do more good things in our dear state and Nigeria at large. Amin.

  • Abdulrahman is a concerned Kogi citizen wrote in from Okene. He can be reached via: abufudeil50@gmail.com

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