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Reno Omokri, Fabricating Verifiable Lie For Political Gain, By Lauretta Onochie

Lauretta Onochie

Some years ago, I met Reno Omokri, a wonderful Nigerian/Canadian man, who was not only an intellectual but has made a mark as an entrepreneur in Canada.

During one of our many discussions, he expressed delight that his personal friend, Barack Obama, had won the nomination to run as the President of the United States of America under the Democrats.

A few weeks later, my friend was very unhappy. The source of his unhappiness? He was eager to support his friend financially. But he was not an American citizen and so, was PROHIBITED by law, American law, from contributing to his friend, Obama’s campaign funds.

I was mortified that Reno Omokri does not, in 2016, know this fact before embarking on fabricating a story about President Muhammadu Buhari part-funding Mrs. Hilary Clinton’s campaign with a whooping $500 Million! And under this economic hardship that Reno’s paymasters bequeathed to Nigerians?

Reno Omokri obviously views America through the lens of PDP where even funds appropriated for developmental projects, ended up being used to fund elections. Even if the government of President Buhari has the funds to spare, which it doesn’t, American laws have ensured that no American candidate would foolishly accept foreign donations.

There’s quite a lot such a huge amount can do at this time of Nigeria’s economic recession. The government is scraping together its scarce resources to meet its daily obligations to Nigerians and corporate bodies.

For example, it has since been revealed that Reno Omokri’s masters failed to pay for fertilizers in 2014 and this debt was not reflected in their handover notes. Consequently, farmer’s yields depreciated in the 2015 farming seasons, giving rise to the “Hunger in the land.” That obligation has now been met by this administration, the reason we are optimistic about a 2016 bumper harvest.

Again, Nigeria is now compelled to pay $5billion final settlement to Western Energy Companies (Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Eni, Chevron and Total), a group of companies involved in crude oil exploration and production in joint venture with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

As Exploration and production costs are split between NNPC and the Western Energy Companies, NNPC failed to pay its portion of the expenses between 2010 and 2015. Five years when Nigeria made more money from crude oil sale than any other period in the nation’s history. This has prompted the groups to hold back on vital investment to continue production activities on the oil fields.

Construction companies across the nation were made to lay off their workers and abandon their equipments for lack of due payments while funds appropriated for such were used as slush funds to buy Nigerians during the 2015 elections. This information was also lacking in their hand over notes. But these obligations have also been met and construction companies are back on their beats.

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Just as Reno has continued to lie through his teeth, the President Jonathan transition team was very economical with the state of the nations economy and indebtedness. It took one of their own, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to inform a not-too-shocked nation that the economy had been down for three years before Pres. Buhari came along.

The Jonathan era was when the administration elevated corruption from the ordinary to the ridiculous. A person like Reno Omokri has been selling lies for a living. But Nigerians are sick and tired of the lies of the Jonathanian era. They know the truth. They won’t swallow their lies anymore because they know it’s corruption fighting back.

The more we try to forget these people, who ruined our nation, the more they remind us of their ignoble deeds that brought our nation on its knees. It was therefore, a cheery piece of news when the Federal Government restored History, as a subject in our schools’ curriculum. That means we can now freely discuss the sins of the past administration without being told to move on. It also means that our children can learn how Reno Omokri’s masters squandered our commonwealth in selfish and ostentatious living. How can we know where we are heading to if we do not relate to our past? How can we avoid repeating past mistakes if we bury the past and refuse to even talk about it? We will continue to confront and shame them with the facts and the truth.

When in 2015 some Nigerians invoked Isaiah 54:17 on President Buhari, those who ruined our nation thought it was a joke. Reno Omokri and his ignoble team are experiencing it today. Lies after lies, and they get exposed for the fraud they are.

American elections are funded with American Money. A simple question on google could have saved Reno Omokri this mockery and embarrassment. As usual, with all his lies, Reno has mud in his face. Always ask Google.

Lauretta Onochie is PA To The President On Social Media. [myad]

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