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The Political Wild Fire Called Yahaya Bello, By Adam Ahmed Abere

Gov. Yahaya Bello

The locational dateline was Abuja on April 2018 EPA (Ebira People’s Association) had organized retreat for the CBOs & NGOs of the Kogi Central District. I flew the cat on the need for the people of the Central to support Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) bid of 2019. It was then a hard knot. Very few agreed with me. It inspired many CBOs whose leaders later called me and said I made sense in my call. Then I flew the second kite during the official opening of the JNI House  in Lokoja. The SGOH was His Eminence Sultan Saad Abubakar III. That was the same day Gov Yahaya Bello marked his third anniversary on the delicate throne of Kogi State governance. I digressed into GYB’s exploits on security architecture after comparing it with the chaotic situations that existed during Govs Audu, Ibrahim & Wada. My pronouncement was that GYB has done so much in security administration that he needs to be voted to power come 16th Nov 2019. My call was predicated on the rubrics that whatever his sins in other realms, his suave security interventions, designs and practices between 2015 and 2019 commended themselves to GYB’s continuity. HRM Ado Ibrahim Atta III, the Ohinoyi of Ebira and His Eminence privately showed how enthused they were in my linking the Sokoto Caliphate’s Security and the current security dynamics on the one hand and the comparison of the past with the present interm of securing men and materials.

Today, some countable hours to election, GYB is now a POLITICAL WILDFIRE that has colossally engulfed every nook and cranny of the Kogi State’s political landscape and shopping Centre. Never in the history of the state has acceptability been so pronounced and so physically demonstrated like the GYB’s.
Dissecting the activities is a herculean challenge. But suffice is a brief diagnosis that does not take care of it’s causative agents but just it’s fangs and expectation. The mammoth display commenced ironically from Kogi East via the youths particularly Emerging Leader Forum. This group organized regular meetings, awareness campaign and absorbed disparate and diverse smaller components into its fold. Chief Edward and Prof Ocheni need commendation.  But the firing lines were covered by some scholars from my University, KSU but operating outside. At a point it was feared whether my tentacles and routinely visitors in Anyigba lodge was for GYB jaw- jaw or not. The boost was boosted by the Eastern flank traditional rulers who never minced the position in their unanimous endorsement of GYB’s continuity. The GYB’s choruses got added feathers by the disorganization of the otherwise opposing opposition party, the PDP. Till moment, PDP is confused philosophically, legally and physically. The various campaigns in Kogi East were thought to be epics until the mother of all came on Monday 11th Nov 2019 at Agassa junction in Okene. OKENE is the politico- Adminstrative Hqtr of the Kogi Central where Gov Yahaya Bello hailed from.
Interestingly the mock stage was displayed at Hon Abubakar Ohere’s residence. So symbolic was this scene that watchers felt that that was the venue for the District showcase. Though the senatorial campaign was billed to officially commenced by 1400hrs by 0900hrs, the venue began to wear an epicenter outlook. It was simply a Political Armageddon with swam of homo sapiens. As onlooker, I was thrilled at the colors, talents, artistic chicaneries that were displayed just to show the world that GYB was wholly accepted in his homeland. Commendations should go to the brains behind the design. All people of Kogi Central spoke one word, no opposition in the endorsement of GYB by his people. The people had for long desired to administer the state.
Part of the feature for the GYB’s continuity campaign was the Gov style of endorsement. First each district and division in the state as symbolized by the senatorial traditional rulers. Each district took turn to show loyalty as Attah Igala led them to Aso Rock where the NIgerian Head of State resides. In Kogi Central, the design was finer. Each district, Okene, Okengwe, Agassa, Ihima, Gaminana, Kuroko and Upogoro for example took turn to pay a solidarity visit. Then came the visit of the various clans. Though it has been a feature of GYB governance style, that of the campaign period was taken to the apex. Oziogu, Omavi, Esusu, Omoye, Ehimozoko etc either organized itself for GYB’s second term or paid visit to Govt House on solidarity visit. Then each of these, had its women, youth and elders wing put on solidarity visit. We need to commend Hon Ohere for taking the heat off GYB. He received almost all the visitors to the Govt House on behalf of GYB and to my judgement, Ohere performed exceptionally excellent. Been opened to all is a tight task. When they’re crowd, it’s supper stressful. The Strategy of deliberate empowerment of Hon Engr Ohere and Chief Pharm Asuku shouldn’t be lost on any person. It’s for another day
Furthermore, citizens of Kogi State in various States of federation, organized themselves into GYB Support Groups. Kaduna for GYB; Lagos for GYB; Kano for GYB, Abuja for GYB etc were latent with WhatsApp platform to adorn. From Wednesday 13th Nov 2019, each of these Support Groups began to transport themselves into Kogi State to vote for their preferred candidate, GYB.
In documenting the 2019 election in Kogi State, the role of 4+4 can not be undervalued. Everywhere, the sign is 4+4 and it’s justifiably and generously displayed. Then the various songs that rendered the political landscape of the state nay Kogi Central. I remember Maj Gen Chukwuemeka Onwuameagwu in far away USA querying my display of 4+4 with EYC activists last Sunday. He saw it on fb. In addition, there were prayers especially from Islamic purview individually and jointly. Kano State under Ohinoyi Anebira HRH Alh Aliyu ABDULMALIK is likely the first to herald this all time important seeking of the Almighty Subhana’s intervention. In Kaduna, Gusau, Sokoto, Lagos, Ilorin and Ibadan, the news of duau/ supplication for peaceful election and for the success of GYB rendered the air and communication wave lengths. This can also observed in respect of bill boards, posters, leaflets and even book (Comrade Kekere’s book in my mind). The concerned professors at the aegis of Ebira Dialogue Group brought their giant Bill Board-  all in constructive ènèjiji to project GYB. Never in the history of political contestation in the State has the people witnessed such display of artistic and cultural creativity, scientific solidarity and communal oneness. Ditto; entertainment, comedy and cultural resuscitation. In the 2019 campaign for GYB simply put, the Kogites indubitably but productively undo themselves. The analyses of the causes, organization and effects of this episode is for another time.
As we move to election proper by tomorrow Saturday 16th Nov, what are the expectations (this is different from looking into the seed of time/pontification)? It is expected that all will come out to vote massively for APC’s GYB. It’s expected that judging from the contest for endorsement, Kogi Central will return the GYB votes 100%. It is also expected that election will be generally peaceful. Saturday 16th Nov 2019 GYB is all the way.
  • Prof Ahmed Abere wrote in from Kaduna. 

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