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Need For President Buhari To Revoke Licenses Of DISCOs, By Moosa Yousufu Onogu

I write this open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari appealing to him to immediately revoke the licenses of the power Distribution Companies (DISCOs) in Nigeria.

For long, they have exploited Nigerians by not giving meters to consumers as required by the regulations under which they are operating. Instead, they churn out impossibly high bills to consumers every month, still maintaining the old exploitative system.

Despite the high, sometime, unexplained bills, the DISCOs would not give power to the exploited consumers, a situation that is not different a bit from what it used to be under the defunct National Electric Power Authority (NEPA).

As a matter of fact, consumers are being made to fund and maintain, through another funny arrangement, transformers and electrical poles which are supposed to be the responsibility of these exploiters.

They have since embarked on cutting down of staff strength as a way of maximizing profit or is it loot?

My other point sir, is on the bill on Ajaokuta Steel Complex for which I strongly appeal to you to please sign as the complex stands the chance of not only boosting the technological advancement of Nigeria but create a lot of jobs. Experience across the world has shown that while oil may dry up leaving the country to look for alternative revenue generation source, Steel technology will last for eternity with several usages.

Moosa Yousufu Onogu in wrote from Okene.

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