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Muslims Without Education Are Easy Candidates Of Satans – Imam Chibiri.

The Imam, leader of Eid congregational prayer in Chibiri, Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Ustaz Mohammed Musa has said that any Muslim that lacks enough education is a readymade candidate for Satan.

Ustaz Mohammed, in a sermon he delivered at the end of two rakaht of Eid-el-Kabir today,  August 11 in Chibiri, stressed that education is number one in Islam and therefore it is compulsory for Muslims to be properly educated, especially on how to serve their creators. He emphasize that without proper education, one would be worshipping Allah out of total ignorance, and espousing doctrines that are completely antithetical to the religion of Islam.

“You must seek for knowledge otherwise you would be serving Allah in total ignorance and become nuisance to the society.”

According to Imam Mohammed, inadequate education had led to many misunderstanding amongst the Muslim communities thereby creating a lot of problems in the society.

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He said that a Muslim who is not properly educated can easily lose character befitting ideal Muslims and in tadem with Islamic ethics.

Such Muslims, he added, resort to all kinds of vices,  including to fornication, adultery, alcoholic consumption, sorcery, betting and several others.

He enjoined Muslims to fear Allah in all they are doing at all times so that when death comes, it would meet them doing those good deeds.

Ustaz Mohammed reminded Muslims that the purpose of their being created, according to Allah, is for them to serve Him, adding that serving Allah is not just offering five daily prayers, offering zakat, Fasting in the month of Ramada, performing Hajj, but it includes also being nice to neighbours whether they are Muslims or not.

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