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God, Forgive Churches In Nigeria, We’ve Gotten It Wrong This Time – Fr. Mbaka

Father Ejike Mbaka

The outspoken founder of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Father Ejike Camillus Anthony Ebenezer Mbaka, has begged God to forgive the Churches in Nigeria for jumping fully into the politics of “who wins the 2023 Presidential election” only to mess up the Altar.

Addressing a large crowd of Christians in an open space in Enugu today, March 30, Mbaka knelt before a raised altar, with head bowed, saying: “God, forgive us, forgive the Church, we have gotten it wrong this time.

“I apologize on behalf of the whole men of God, the whole pastors, the whole priests and the whole Bishops. I’m not worthy to apologize for Bishops, but I’m apologizing.

“Let the mercy of God descend, because, what we did within the political moment….a lot of indescribable political brouhaha and political jingoisms and atrocities (were committed).

“We manifested and buried the power of sacrament beneath political forces, political hocks and vultures; they want to vulturize the Church.

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“We turned the Churches into campaign centres, turned the churches into places of politicking.

“We messed up the Altar, we defiled the Altar. How do we want power to move from Altar that has been defiled? We cannot continue with such iniquities.

“I pray that God will forgive us forgive us Oh Lord, forgive Your Church, forgive Christianity in Nigeria.’”

Mbaka, who spoke in both English and Igbo languages, regretted: “we have gotten it wrong this time. Amen.

“Just let it be like this. If you want to misunderstand me, that is your business.”

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